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VGN Partner Network, Affiliate & Service Center

Welcome to the VGN Partner Network,  Affiliate & Service Center. Our network hosts multiple sites and has multiple partners.  This website serves as the primay Headquarters for our Partners, Clients, Affiliates and Support Department.  Your player information will not work when logging into this site.  This area on our network is specifically for Our Partners, Paying Clients and Network Affiliates to be able to Log in and Manage their Service Account.  If you would like to register an account for our Service Center please Click Here.



Virtual Gamers Network VGNetwork

Virtual Gamers Network

Virtual Gamers Network

Originally Founded in 2004, Virtual Gamer’s Network is a top rated Gaming News, Service and Equipment Provider. We Publish and Import Top Gaming News Stories from some of the most talent top rated Gaming Networks and Talented Writers on the planet. VGN is the Parent Site for VGN Poker and is our network Head Quarters.  VGN was the Gaming League and Anti-Cheat Patch provider for the original best selling FPS Shooter Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six.

Before its closing VGN operated independently inside of GameSpy Arcade and worked side by side with IGN to promote  tournaments and provide prizes for its community.  Today some of the original management still exists.  Its VGN’s Chain of Command, Recruiting Platform and Community structure that made them successful years ago and is what we believe will make VGN Poker successful in the future.  To visit Virtual Gamers Network please click the following link —


VGN Poker

VGN Poker

VGN Poker is an Online Poker Community, League, Service Provider & Equipment Storefront.  This site is a Sister site of Virtual Gamers Network.  Our site Acts as the Poker Division for VGN.  Everything Poker on VGN is done through this website.  There are multiple Partners & Affiliates that work with us directly to provide all the services you see on this site.  To visit VGN Poker please click the following link —

JimMac65 Poker Radio

JimMac65 Poker Radio

JmMac Poker Radio is showcase site for our team platform on VGN and is also our first attempt at branching out to the poker radio genre.  Join JimMac on his site for Radio Broadcasts, Contests, Prizes, Freerolls & More.  If you love poker and you love radio and just straight out good entertainment then this site is for you.  Simply login with your VGN information and/or register an account to start participating today. —


If you would like to contact us or know more About VGN and/or have a Business, Partnership or Promotional Inquiry feel free to use Live Support or Click Here to open a Support Ticket.  If either of these don’t suit your needs please free to drop us an email by Clicking Here.  If live support is offline you can leave a message and someone from our staff will usually respond withing 24 hours.  Thank you for choosing VGN Poker!




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